About Us

About Us


Friends for Human Survival and development limited sometimes shortened as HumanityFriends is a NonProfit Charity organization. The major aim of the organization is to extend basic services and needs to the most affected communities. Those communities are appear to be underprivileged than the rest of the communities in Uganda. For examples refugees and minorities like albinos and so on. The organization also carries out environmental conservation programs


Our Mission

Friends for human survival and development limited is a non-government organization that aims at improving the welfare of the impoverished communities in Uganda. The organization is tasked at assuring basic and primary needs to helpless people in different perspectives of their life. The organization is officially registered with No. 80020002092078 in Uganda and its formally incorporated according to section 18 (13) of the company’s act 2012. Also registered with IRS with EIN: 38-4137975

The Objectives of the Organization

a) Promoting Social equality for albinos and building resistance to their discrimination
b) Promoting gender equality by empowering women economically
c) Providing clean and fresh waters more especially to rural dry and semi desert areas by construction of electric bore-holes (which uses solar) and artisan boreholes
d) Improving the standards of living of poor and single mothers by training them in small scale farming projects like dairy farming
e) Providing education sponsorship, food, shelter and clothing for orphans
f) Providing housing facilities for homeless and refugees
g) Providing food and clothing to refugees
h) Bringing education facilities nearer to the countryside rural areas
i) Donating dairy cows to single mothers in poor family to help them earn a living

j) Proving technical training like tailoring for single mothers and women from poor families
k) Donating sewing machines to single mothers and students from poor families to help them earn a living
l) Setting up for foundations as a source of income for sponsoring disabled and aged people. Like building rentals
m) Helping single youths with marriage procedures
n) Providing health facilities and control of endemic diseases mostly in rural areas

What we do

Ongoing Community Activities

Pure Water

Among the objectives of HumanityFriends foundation is to provide clean and fresh water to the refugee camps and in dry parts of Uganda.

The Organization achieves this through the construction of both electrical, artisan boreholes and large water tanks

Healthy Food

The target of food program is the refugee camps. Uganda has the largest number of refugees in Africa. Is among top countries sustaining biggest number of refugees in the whole world. In such environment food scarcity stays a big challenge

Medical Facilities

The world is facing unprecedented pandemic that is affecting communities. HumanityFriends is aiming to provide medical facilities (like masks), food, water, for the most affected and undeserved communities plus frontiers.

Although the project targets general healthy challenges for mainly women and refugees, its is currently helping those affected more with covid-19 lock down.


The education program with HumanityFriends is aiming to helping bring closer education facilities to rural areas. It also includes orphan sponsorship program.

The target areas for these products are the rural areas where schools are scarce and under developed

Resistance to descrimination

All lives matter. Albinos short stop being neglected and discriminated. All people in a given community deserve equal rights. However,  in the world of albinos social justice has not been achieved. The aim of the organization is to advocate and help albinos in Uganda cope up with socio-economic life.

Receive Donation

For every one cloth you buy from our site, we buy 30 pieces for the needy people. 

We are living in the world where some cant even afford good clothing or any clothing at all

Cloths Donation

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Social Activities

We love working with volunteers, local communities, and community leaders. The Organization is open minded when it comes to anything that is developmental to the local. As the name of the organization sounds. its Friends for Human Survival and Development organization