About Friends for Human Survival and Development Organization (FHSDO).

Serving the Underserved Communities

This is a non-government organization aimed at uplifting the welfare of people from different perspectives of their life. The organization's registration number is 80020002092078.
EIN: 38-4137975, NCAGE CODE: SHMS4, DUNS: 561385517

What We Do?

We Are Non-Profit Charity Ogranization

Serving the Undeserved Communities

Fresh & Pure Water

Among the objectives of HumanityFriends foundation is to provide clean and fresh water to the refugee camps and in dry parts of Uganda. Your Support is highly appreciated

Social Justice - Albino lives matter

All people in a given community deserve equal rights. However,  in the world of albinos social justice has not been achieved. The aim of the organization is to advocate and help albinos in Uganda cope up with socio-economic life.

Covid-19 (Medical Facilities)

The world is facing unprecedented pandemic that is affecting communities. HumanityFriends is aiming to provide medical facilities (like masks), food, water, for the most affected and undeserved communities plus frontiers

Sustainable education

The education program with HumanityFriends is aiming to helping bring closer education facilities to rural areas. It also includes orphan sponsorship program

Experienced Staff
Our Process

How Do You Help?

Self satisfaction is achieved mostly by satisfying another sole or making it happy. 


Send Gift

HumanityFriends believes that giving gifts is a complex and important part of human interaction and strengthen bonds between people. It also creates satisfaction and happiness to the givers' heart.  

Indeed, psychologists say it is often the giver, rather than the recipient, who reaps the biggest psychological gains from a gift.


Buy a product

In order to cater for administration costs and fulfill small recurring expenditures, Friends for Human Survival and Development Organization sells a small range of products. Although we are non Profit charity, buying these simple unique products from amazon through Us, it is as good as making a donation because all is intended to successful accomplish the objectives of HumanityFriends Charity Group


Give a donation

Join Us in one of our proects. All our projects are targetting human survival and development as also the organization name sounds. 

We accept both online and offline donations. All major Cards are accepted. We process donation made with these cards by the use of stripe. 

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